Best British TV Comedies

A conversation my brothers and I love to have is about which British comedies are our favourite. We can agree on some, but not all.

Here’s my list:

The Office

I’ve never worked in an office but this is just how I imagine it to be! David Brent is often celebrated as being one of the best TV characters of all time. But to limit The Office to just Brent is unfair. Gareth and Tim are incredible. And all the other characters add the sense of realism. The Office makes me laugh again and again.

I’m Alan Partridge

There are few TV comedies that after twenty years are still being quoted in every day conversation. There are so many great lines from series one and two of I’m Alan Partridge – you are guaranteed a laugh every time you watch!

Phoenix Nights

It’s a shame that this doesn’t seem to be repeated very often as this was such a classic programme when it was out. There are lots of subtle jokes that you spot with repeat views.

Gavin & Stacey

It took me a while before I gave this programme a watch. I think it was in series two when I first gave it a go. I instantly loved it! The depth brought to each character has taken some skill in performing and writing. Just brilliant!

Only Fools and Horses

Despite being such an old programme now, Only Fools is timeless. You can watch it again and again and you will love it.

The Inbetweeners

This week I watched the celebration of ten years of The Inbetweeners. I can’t quite believe it is ten years old. I doubt there has ever been a programme that captured exactly what it was like to be a teenage boy. Perfect. The scene on the boat on the field trip is probably the best sequence of any comedy programme ever!


It’s a shame that they spoiled Coupling with a fourth series which was nowhere near as good as the first three. Such sharp comedy writing makes Coupling absolutely brilliant!

Lead Balloon

Underrated. I think this is brilliant!

Peep Show

Two brilliantly horrible characters and such awful situations make this an enduring classic. Every episode is perfect! My favourite is the wedding episode at the end of series four. Apparently this is Channel 4’s longest running comedy. Easy to see why.

Father Ted

Such brilliant characters. Such timeless comedy!

Friday Night Dinner

FND makes me laugh out loud in every episode. It is real-life and surreal all at the same time. Absolutely hilarious!


Extras gets better and better as it goes on. Well worth a watch!

The Royle Family (not including the awful Christmas specials)

The Royle Family was the first show of its kind. It was filmed almost in true time, there was no laughter track and brilliant characterisation. It paved the way for shows like The Office to come along later. Yes, they ruined the show with rubbish Christmas specials. But the original three series are three of the best episodes of comedy you could ever watch.

Men Behaving Badly

Whilst MBB hasn’t aged well at all, I’ve added this to the list for all of the memories I associate with show. It was one of my favourite comedies as a teenager.

The Vicar of Dibley

I still love this programme. The daft humour and absurd characters are just so enjoyable to watch. Easy viewing!

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