Daisy And The Trouble with Books…

Recently my daughter and I have fallen in love with Daisy Butters books.

Daisy Butters always seems to find herself getting into trouble somehow, and it’s never her fault. She, and her best friend Gabby, get up to all sorts of mischief which usually ends up embarrassing her mum, or her neighbour Mrs Pike. Daisy takes great delight in winding up her enemy, Jack Beechwhistle.

Written by Kes Gray, the books are really funny to read as an adult. Lily laughs her head off at the adventures which are narrated by the child herself which makes them even funnier!

So far, our favourite has been Daisy and the Trouble with Life which is all about a strawberry dib dab.

So far we have read…

We are currently reading Daisy and the Trouble with Chocolate. But we still have Daisy and the Trouble with Vampires from the library still to read! There are also some Daisy books suitable for younger readers and we have read 006 and a Bit and Eat Your Peas a few years ago!

The author has started to write books starring Daisy’s archenemy Jack Beechwhistle and we will be reading Jack Beechwhistle and the Rise of the Hairy Horror next.

I can highly recommend the stories, Lily is seven, nearly eight and we love reading them together!

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