The Santa Clause?

I’m not planning on letting my children read this – so don’t let yours.

I’m having a lot of doubt this year about the great lie that is Father Christmas. I think it’s because we are maybe at the last year that we will be able to convince our eldest that Father Christmas is real. She’s at the age where she’s becoming a bit savvy and asking a few questions about how the guy in the red suite actually manages to do his job. You know the sort – why does Father Christmas sometimes wear glasses? How does he get in to our house? How does he make it round the world in one night?

It’s got me thinking about the lies we are telling our children and made me wonder whether we should continue with it? Here are my worries:

  • We aren’t exactly well off and we can’t afford to spend loads of money (and, we don’t want to overindulge the children anyway). But some children get LOADS of money spent on them and get enormous presents. There’s a message to children that Santa brings some children bigger gifts than others and that’s not fair. We tell the children that the main gift is from us and the others are from Santa.
  • Don’t talk to strangers – but Father Christmas is ok.
  • Personal space is important – but you can cuddle up to Santa.
  • Lock the doors so that no one can get in – but Father Christmas can break in if he wants.
  • Watch what you eat – but everyone can leave out food for Santa.

And then there are the ever evolving and ever more extreme explanations for how St Nick manages to do his job.

It’s all lies – and we want our children to be honest!

This year our youngest told Santa what he wanted for Christmas but wants to keep it a secret from us!

The whole thing makes me uneasy and yet every year we do it all again.

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