Favourite Theme Tunes

Here’s a list of my favourite theme tunes ever!

80 Days Around The World
The Big Bang Theory theme song is instantly recognisable and one of the most memorable.
Although I didn’t watch the show until I was in my thirties, I remember the theme song from when I was a child. I would love to go to a pub like the Cheers bar.
If you can do this rap then you are cool. There is absolutely no doubt about this.
One of the few theme tunes to actually cross over into the charts. I’ll Be There For You is such a great song.
Maybe it;s because I loved the show. But sitting through the full intro was vital to understanding the show and this is non-negotiable.
What a theme song! I remember the show a little bit, but the theme tune will be forever etched into my brain!
Such nostalgia. Neighbours was always the better programme, but Home And Away had the better theme music.
Howard’s Way is probably the best theme tune ever!…
And the jazzy end song version is bloody brilliant! The full version of this is called Barracuda by Simon May.
An absolute classic theme! I’m not a fan of dogs, but I’m a fan of this theme song.
How has this show not had a film remake?
Just brilliant!
Lots of love for the theme song!
The Raccoons. You can run with us!
The best show that was ever on in the school holidays!

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