Family activities that cost more than they used to


We went swimming for under an hour and a half this morning. It cost us £20. I’m sure it never used to cost that much!


Although some cinemas are trying to reduce ticket prices and are now allowing you to take in your own refreshments, typically a cinema trip is massively expensive. £3.50 for a bag of Revels? What?? Yes, you can buy a bucket of popcorn and a jar of Coke, but it will cost you £10. And the ticket itself? Usually around £10. Look out for special offers is my advice!

Going to the park

It’s not the park that’s expensive, it’s the parking. In some places parking will rush you £1.50 for an hour. But an hour is never enough so you always need to take the next highest length of time.

Feeding the ducks

People will have you believe that feeding bread to ducks is not good for them. So taking some old bread would cost next to nothing. If you now want to feed them sweetcorn, porridge oats, peas and bird seed like it is advised, it will cost you more!

Visiting the ice cream van

Ice creams were 50p each when I was a kid – maybe an extra 10p for a flake. Now, you feel like you’ve got a bargain if you manage to get one that costs £1.50 (and that’s without a flake!).

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