Illnesses named after Nineties Dance Bands

Coronavirus is getting all of the attention right now. This is what happens when diseases are named after Nineties dance bands. Here are some others to watch out for.

Sashvirus – we are living in mysterious times and we don’t want to colour the world with this bug. We do not want this to come back one more time.

Vengaboysvirus – one to watch out for in Ibiza and your Uncle John in Jamaica already has it. When this one takes off it will go boom, boom, boom, boom.

The Prodigyvirus – Don’t breathe on anyone with this as it make you feel like you’re in outta space. It starts fires!

N-Trancevirus – You might feel like you’be been set free but you ain’t stayin’ alive.

The KLFvirus – A justified and ancient disease this one might catch you at 3am.

2 Unlimitedvirus – Get ready for this as you will not want to spread your love all over the world when you have this. There is no limit to how much the beat will control your body.

Faithlessvirus – There’s no release no peace. You’ll toss and turn without peace. Insomnia is the least of your worries.

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