3D Models of Landmarks at Lidl

My daughter and I had fun building a model of Neuschwanstein Castle this afternoon, using a set bought from Lidl.

Before Christmas we bought a couple of 3D landmark puzzles from Lidl. We bought two – Big Ben and Neuschwanstein Castle. Today we had a go at the castle and really enjoyed it.

The models are made without the need for glue and scissors as you assemble them using folds, hinges and joints. Having said that, I would recommend a small kitchen knife to help you cut out the holes for the joints, and some craft glue might be worth having for certain details.

It took around 45 minutes to make and it was good fun, actually and we would definitely recommend picking up a couple of you spot them in store. They were about £4 each. There were a few other options including Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and Tower Bridge. We intended to go back and buy some more but haven’t been back to Lidl since then!