Facebook Groups

Over the last year or so I’ve added myself to a few groups on Facebook. I’m in a local community forum, a site for school leaders, school governors, a music chart group and one Lego fans. And for the most part I love being a member and love being part of them and I’ve learned a lot too.

But certain things really wind me up on them. To be fair, most of this happens on the local forum, but they do happen elsewhere. Sorry to rant – but is it just me that gets wound up by this!

Delete if not allowed

Why do people start off posts with this?! Just post it – if it’s not allowed an admin will remove it. But more than that, the posts which start with ‘Delete if not allowed’ are almost always absolutely fine! Why would someone want to delete a post about a missing pet or asking for a good place to eat? Which rules would they be breaking?!

Thank you for adding me

We don’t all need to know that you’re grateful for being added. Having you there is enough, you don’t need to announce it.

Mundane post done as a big announcement

Your question is tedious enough without the big, bold, exciting background. All that does it add to my annoyance and makes your tedium stand out more.


Ok, you want to follow the comments for this thread. But click the ‘turn on notifications’ button instead so that we don’t need to be notified every time someone types in ‘F’.

What time is Asda open until tonight?

Surely its quicker to Google this?


What grinds your gears? What gets your goat?