Classic Eighties Movies

Over Christmas I watched a few movies from the Eighties. Time to reminisce for a minute about my childhood…

Yes, I am at the point where, although I am only 41, this is the sixth decade that I’ve lived in. Whilst the Nineties was the best, there are films from the Eighties that are classics and are still great to watch!

Back To The Future

The Goonies

Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2


Indiana Jones

Return Of The Jedi


Stand By Me

Die Hard


Beverly Hills Cop

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?


Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Coming To America

Love Actually Best Bits

So, one of our Christmas traditions is that we watch Love Actually together. It’s the film that I love and hate at the same time, but Christmas wouldn’t be the same without watching it. Here are the best bits.

The wedding

Perhaps the best wedding scene ever. Until the creepy stalker undermines the whole thing later on. And also, when you realise that Keira Knightley is just five years older than Sam The Boy…

When you watch this, bear this in mind.

When Hugh Grant stands to to the president

Could you imagine Boris ever doing this to Trump? No chance. Best press conference ever.

The stalker fastens up his turtle neck in dramatic fashion

Have you ever seen a zip fastened up in sync with the dramatic music so perfectly before? Of course you haven’t. It’s not a self-preservation thing – you’re a big perv.

Dancing Prime Minister

Total cheese. But it’s good cheese – Tesco’s Finest Cheddar.

Mr Bean does his best to stop Snape having an affair

Don’t do it, Bad Harry!

Carol Singing

Please, sir, please

All I Want For Christmas

Wow, this scene is amazing! What a shame she didn’t grow up to do well on Celebrity X Factor

Airport Chase

Is there anything Sam can’t do. He learns to play the drums in a week and becomes so good that he’s better than all the other people who could play drums and he gets picked to play in the band – he’s that good. He also gets the girl!

What’s your favourite moment?

Nativity Rocks!

The poster for the movie doesn’t include most of the key actors. I wonder why?

Yes, it is January. And I’m reviewing a Christmas movie. I know, it is weird.

It was our little boy’s fourth birthday today. Our children are obsessed with all of the Nativity movies every Christmas. Lisa and I adore the first Nativity and the songs at the end – especially Sparkle and Shine! We went to see the musical in 2017. The children love Nativity 2 and Nativity 3. I thought both were pretty poor, but after watching them about twenty times each this Christmas they have grown on me to the point where I, dare I say it, like them…

We missed Nativity Rocks in the cinema but we decided that going to the Kids Club at the Odeon cinema near us (£2.50 a ticket) would be quite good fun. It wasn’t just us – the screen was pretty busy, to be fair.

The trailer

Starring Simon Lipkin, who played Mr Poppy in the musical in 2017, Nativity Rocks was actually brilliant and we didn’t miss the ‘original’ Mr Poppy at all.

It was a real return to form for the film series. The last couple of movies became really silly and, whilst this is totally crackers, it manages to feel just about believable.

We were close to tears a few times thanks to some touching plots and we laughed lots and lots thanks to laughs that appealed to adults as well as jokes that suited the children too!

We will look forward to watching it probably twenty times next Christmas!