Life and Lessons Podcast

A couple of years ago I got into podcasts. I’ve become a loyal listener to many. Every so often I thought I’d share the one I’m enjoying the most.

At the moment I love listening to Sean Spooner’s Life and Lesson Podcast. (If the name is slightly familiar, you might recall that he appeared on the Young Apprentice once.)

For the next 52 weeks, I’m going to document the life I live and the lessons I learn as I move towards my 25th birthday. I’m Sean Spooner, the 24-year-old co-founder and Creative Director of Dreem, a fast-growing marketing agency based in South Wales. After 10 years in business and lots of twists and turns in life, I want to get on record the realities of growing a business, evolving as a person and navigating my way through my mid-twenties. This is Life and Lessons, a place where I’ll share my unfiltered inner thoughts and honest truths each week, like you’ve never heard before

I like listening to it as he seems like an interesting and honest guy. He’s ambitious and it’s good to hear about how he is getting on with his business. He talks about good and bad life decisions that he’s made and it’s made me reflect on my own life and particular how I didn’t really think about the future properly back when I was his age.

Something else I like that it lasts for no more than half an hour each week which means it fits perfectly in a journey to work!