The Stranger

I first saw parts of The Stranger on Gogglebox and really wanted to watch it. I don’t watch enough TV so lockdown was a good excuse to binge watch it.

The Stranger came out on Netflix a few months ago. We’ve only just got round to watching it!

I really enjoyed it and loved seeing how all of the characters linked together.

Alpacas aren’t used enough in TV programme. And this was certainly the first time I’ve seen a headless one. I loved Paul Kaye’s character who was driven to absolute despair by his sick daughter. Seeing how his role in the mystery developed was excellent.

At first it was hard to take the detective seriously due to her role in crap sitcom, Benidorm. But now I think it will be hard to take her seriously in Benidorm as she was so good in Stranger.

The Stranger was great. Discovering the truth behind her lifestyle was captivating.

The main character, Adam Price, was intriguing. He was really well played by Richard Armitage who managed to bring a feeling of honesty to the role whilst adding in an element of suspicion to help keep us guessing.

Visually it was amazing and the filming locations were incredible. The bridge was spectacular (apparently in Lancashire). I recognised parts of Stockport too.

Some of the criticism that I’ve read of the programme said that some of the most dramatic parts of the storyline proved to be explained away too easily. Maybe this is right but it certainly didn’t spoil the show for me.

Well worth watching!

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