Music Flashback: 2015

Over the year I’m going to share ten songs from years in the past. I am going to pick the songs based on the ten most played songs on my Apple Music account from that year. First up is the year 2015.

My favourite song from 2015 is Faded by Alan Walker. There is something about this which makes it feel familiar and yet completely different to everything else. The various remixes are good, including the Luke Christopher remix where someone raps over the top. I love this!
This song is here due to the number of times that our daughter has asked for it to be played. To be fair, it’s a great tune. It proved that a great tune with a strong melody can be a smash hit.
Jess Glynne with another fantastic song. Very uplifting, fun and catchy. I’m not surprised I’ve played it loads.
I thought this was a bit cheesy when it was first out (in fact, that’s still true) but it really grew on me. A great song to sing along to.
Hopefully this IS the radio edit like it says because the full version is pure filth. The dirtiest song I’ve ever heard. And it’s amazing!
Such an amazing song. I felt that it didn’t get the recognition it deserved in 2015. It’s a shame because it is amazing.
Although the producer probably asked their young child to spell the name of it, this is a great song. Check out the Pep & Rash Remix.
Probably the most financially responsible song ever. A classic.
There is something amazing about this. One of the best cover versions ever.
Just fantastic! I really wanted to include Peanut Butter Jelly too, but it ended at Number 11.