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One of my favourite dance tunes ever is Talizman’s ‘Only You’. I tried to find out more about the history of the song.

Talizman recorded Only You originally in 1993. This is a song you probably heard but never knew what it was called. That was certainly the case for me. I remember hearing it when I was out – somewhere in Chester. This would have been, probably, in around 1997 or 1998. I can clearly vividly recall walking down the stairs when it came on and asking one of my friends if they knew what it was. They didn’t. But it was somehow etched into my brain. And I didn’t hear it again until 1999 when a cover version came on the radio. We were on a minibus on our way to a nightclub somewhere or other.

This version of the song has been viewed over 310,000 times

Flying high and I’m feeling fine

Kick off your shoes and let’s blow our minds together

The cover version was by Ca$ino and I thought it was great. It was a song a played a lot. There was something about it that I loved – you didn’t often hear a male voice on a dance tune. Maybe it was that?

There was always a nagging feeling that the Ca$ino version would do but it wasn’t the one I remember in the club.

I want your love

I want it right now…

Because in my world there’s only you

I was determined to track down the original and eventually I managed to connect it to a song by Talizman. I think it was when I was using Limewire and I was trying to digitise my music collection. But the version of song by Talizman was nowhere near as good. I couldn’t understand – the version I recalled was SO much better than this. I later bought the CD and the version I remembered was not on there either.

I don’t know how or when I realised that the version I loved was the Chris & James Remix but I am glad I did! If you can track it down, the Chris & James Old Skool Baleric Remix is the one you want.

So why has this amazing tune never made it big?

According to Discogs, the song was first released in 1993. It was written by A. Webb and C. Martin. It would appear that this was the only song they wrote, although, of course, they are credited as the writers of the Ca$ino cover.

Presumably these guys are Martin and Webb?

It must have been re-released as it then charted at Number 88 in 1994. This was its only foray into the charts.

The 1995 re-release

It was re-released in 1995, this time with the Chris & James remixes. There was also a Grinstretcher Club Mix too. Not sure what that sounds like.

And that’s it. It has appeared on a compilation in 2012 (not sure which version). And that’s it.

I honestly can’t get it. This is a tune I love and I think is amazing but it’s like no one else has ever heard of it!

Update July 2020

Not long after writing this post another cover of Only You was released. This time, dance artists Cahill released a version, featuring Craig Smart on vocals. It has more of a beat than the Ca$ino version but is still nowhere near as good as the original. The Apple Music song info reveals a little bit more information about the composers: their first names! Apparently it’s Ashley Webb and Colin Martin.

The WhoSampled page says that the song samples the Talizman original. This is all of the information that I can find out!

Update: October 2020
It was interesting to discover this interview with the remixer Chris, from Chris + James:

Talizman – only you, it sounds at first like its going to be a bad karaoke attempt, but it develops into what is a beast of a track unlike any other out there. What was it like working on it?

We used to play the original mix years ago in warm up sets and it stood out as being incredibly different even then, but it was way too slow for peak time. Charlie Chester rang me up and asked if we’d be interested in doing it……..we were dead keen but the vocals were so off key in places that it wouldn’t be straight forward at all. Once the parts arrived it was almost painful to listen to the acapella! Anyway I had an idea for making the ultimate Balearic house track – utilising the Bocca Juniors ‘raise’ piano line and the Bassheads ‘Is there anybody out there ‘ bassline…..thankfully James Wiltshire managed to work out some chord sequences and we had it nailed within a day and a half. Unfortunately James Bradley was absent for the making of this, first he heard was when I played the finished mix back to him.

It’s not surprising that mix has stood the test of time – people have covered it and remixed it without even getting close to the C+J mix- a classic case of remixers bringing far more to the remix than just a few loops!”

(Charlie Chester was the co-owner of Cowboy Records, James Wiltshire was one half of Phats & Small and James Bradley is one half of Chris + James)

11 thoughts on “Talizman – Only You”

  1. Thank you for the history. By far my fav track EVER! I am struggling to find the actual lyrics anywhere on the web … can you help? Thank you

  2. A magnificent track which so fabulously captured the era. Hadn’t realised that there was a cover version so will check out. Two memories stick out.

    On holiday in Ibiza with my mates, mid 90s, playing it on repeat. The slower Old Skool Baleric mix being the particular favourite.

    And a quicker version was the finale every Saturday night in the Newcastle nightclub we frequented around the same time. The lights would then come on and the sweat would be dripping off the ceilings. Then back to somebody’s house for a party.

    Getting on for 30 years later, it still gets an occasional airing in our household when the teenage kids permit one of my tracks on bloody Alexa! As I’m in a nostalgic mood, I might just give it another Saturday night airing. 🙂

  3. What a track just been catching up with it. A DJ friend used to drop this one every time. It tells a story for every early raver out there . ” lests blow our minds together”
    Mick 50 still raving.

  4. Oh my…. I am playing Only You by Talizman on my Alexa and do so frequently ! I also thought I was on my own there with that track. It went hand in hand with renegade master but everyone remembered that track but not only you ! takes me right back to working in magaluf and listening to Graham Parks set playing Talizman. The best days! Is and will always be an epic tune , in fact it’s going on again lol.

  5. Interesting and thanks for the love – the cover version is of course essentially a cover of the C&J remix (same structure / chord changes etc).

    1. Wow! I can’t believe you’ve commented on the post. I absolutely love the song. Is there anything else you can tell us about it?

      1. I will tell you all about it for sure!
        I am about to leave for a short trip and will post once I’m back.

        Really appreciate the love for this 🙂

  6. Hey GroanUp,
    I’m back from my trip. Really happy to answer any questions you might have. Maybe email me and you can then post as you like?

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