Igloo Energy

Recently we switched gas and electricity suppliers to Igloo. We switched because the monthly direct debit was going to be the cheapest with them. Also they were the highest rated supplier on Compare The Market at the time.

Just a few months in and we are impressed. The app and website are both really easy to use – far better than the e.on versions used previously.

We have a small credit balance and we earn 3% interest on it – in a month we’ve earned 19p. That’s better than in a bank account!

We are billed monthly and it is clear what our direct debit needs to be in order to stay on top of the bills. We can adjust the direct debit really easily.

We contacted customer services twice so far. They responded within 24 hours. They were able to adjust our direct debit (as there was a winter top-up which they had set up but we didn’t want) and then to move our direct debit to a more convenient time of the month. Both took just one email and all sorted!

If all goes wrong, we have no exit fees to pay to move on from them!

If you sign up using this link then we each earn £50 which would be credited to our account.