Paul van Dyk – For An Angel

The first time I heard For An Angel was on a Club 051 Lee Butler cassette. My friend and I absolutely loved it instantly.

For An Angel is probably one of the best dance tunes ever. The bassline draws you in and the piano melody lifts you. It is layered – even after hundreds of listens I can still hear something different.

The song takes me back to a happy time. I was at uni but living at home. I was spending my nights with my best friends having the best laughs. I can recall nights out clubbing and loving the moment when For An Angel kicked in!

The song was remixed various times over the years, but nothing will ever beat the e-Work edit in 1998, or the mash up with Rachel McFarlane’s Lover.

I have a couple of other mashups which are worth a listen to if you can find them – For An Angel Vs OnePhatDeeva’s Bad Habit and also Vs Pulse’s Lover That You Are.

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