Best Oasis Songs

A list of my favourite Oasis songs

After reading a couple of articles online recently (this and this), I thought I would list my favourite twenty Oasis songs.

(If I was including their covers on the list, I’d probably go for I Am The Walrus, Cum On Feel the Noize and Hide Your Love Away).

20 Half The World Away
Such a great song. It would probably be higher up the list but it’s possibly overplayed due to The Royle Family and lost its edge due to John Lewis.

19 Live Forever
Such a classic Oasis song. This was the second ever song that I heard by the band (after hearing Cigarettes & Alcohol). This is the sound that they are most famous for. Widely regard as a classic, I agree!

18 It’s Better People
Ok, so I am going to include quite a few of Noel’s acoustic songs on this list. This is the first. Another classic Oasis B-side.

17 Round Are Way
Say what you like about Oasis and they won’t care. They’ll take your grammar rules and do what they like. Luckily this is a great song as their bad grammar would make me hate it otherwise.

16 Sunday Morning Call
Noel performing at his best here. Class.

15 All Around The World
Yes, it is ridiculously long. But I have managed to find a radio edit of All Around The World. It strips out the five minutes of instrumental and focuses on the classic song. When this was released, this was the windows down, radio on full blast kind of song.

14 Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
It’s hard to pick the best song from Definitely Maybe, but this one is a favourite. Best played loud.

13 (It’s Good) To Be Free
The first ever Oasis single that I bought was Whatever. (It’s Good) To Be Free was on the B-side and I played it to death. It’s superb.

12 Talk Tonight
One of my favourite acoustic songs, this time appearing on Some Might Say. The lyrics of Talk Tonight feel more meaningful than most.

11 Supersonic
Just a classic, nonsensely-lyriced Oasis song. Classic. The lyrics make no sense and they don’t give a shit about it.

10 Let There Be Love
Right towards the end, Oasis released this classic. Both versions of it are incredible, but Noel’s version is my favourite.

9 Cigarettes & Alcohol
I remember feeling quite shocked when it was mentioned on Granada News or BBC North West or something that a band had released a song celebrating cigarettes and alcohol. It didn’t sound like a good idea. But then I heard the song and it was amazing. It somehow felt naughty playing this at home where my parents were not keen on cigarettes, alcohol or rock music. I think this was its early appeal. This was the first Oasis song I’d ever heard – I didn’t know it at the time but this was the start of my love for probably the best band ever.

8 Step Out
B-side to Don’t Look Back In Anger, Step Out is a brilliantly uplifting song that is massively underrated.

7 Little By Little
2002’s Little By Little is a proper Noel-sang banger. Not acoustic, just a banger!

6 Champagne Supernova
I could never understand who Champagne Supernova was not released as a single as it is absolutely class. Genius Oasis at their very best.

5 Slide Away
The best song on Definitely Maybe, at least in my opinion. Right from the intro, Slide Away is captivating, uplifting, air guitar inducing, singalong creating and much more. Just the perfect rock song.

4 Some Might Say
Oasis’s first Number One, Some Might Say is the only song I know of that mentions dirty dishes and for that reason alone it should be celebrated. The lyrics are total nonsense, yet brilliant. You simply have to play this loudly and proudly and it demands that you sing along.

3 Don’t Look Back In Anger
An absolute classic monster of a song. It’s a song that everyone knows. Always popular, the song found new meaning after the 2017 Manchester Arena bomb incident and it helped to bring people in the city together after the atrocity. One of the best songs ever written. It probably should be top of this list, but I’ve tried to go a bit niche…

2 The Masterplan
Oasis’ most beautiful song. It was a B-side to Wonderwall. I missed Wonderwall off the list as I don’t feel it’s held up as well over the years. Wonderwall is probably a bit of a gimmicky song. The Masterplan, however, has endured. Noel’s vocals are phenomenal and the orchestral backing lifts the song to another level. Quite simply brilliant. On reflection, Oasis also felt it was a classic and they named their collection of B-sides after it!

1 Whatever
Whenever I feel down, Whatever is my go to song. It brings me back. Whatever is empowering and fulfilling. One of the reasons Whatever is so memorable is that the single included some of the best B-sides ever: Half The Wold Away, (It’s Good) To Be Free and Slide Away. What a collection. Some of Oasis’s instrumental sections go on too long, but Whatever’s just feels right. Whatever has stayed with me, so for for 26 years and I just love it.

In conclusion, there is not a band like Oasis. The strength of their B-sides, the audacity of their cover songs, the way their albums contain no filler songs whatsoever, the sheer power and don’t-give-a-shit-ness of their songs make them the complete package. I never want them to get back together because I know that they can never live up to the unreachable standard they met back in their hey day. Noel Gallagher is a genius.

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