Lego Looney Tunes CMFs

Recently Lego released one of their finest ever collectible minifigure sets. The Looney Tunes series features twelve excellent figures that look simply stunning on display.

Here are my thoughts on the figures:

12 Lola Bunny
I have placed Lola Bunny as my least favourite. Whilst it is an excellent figure in theory, I really am not familiar with this character. Also, the accessory, a plain basketball, is not great.

11 Petunia Pig
I can’t really recall this character whatsoever. I have bumped it up to 11 because the design of the figure is interesting and the cup and teapot which joins the character are pretty good accessories. I cannot understand how Petunia and Lola made the cut but iconic characters like Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd didn’t. Gutted.

10 Porky Pig
A really nice figure, but not one of my favourite characters.

9 Tweety Pie
Tweety is a lovely little figure… but it’s not litte enough. The figure needs to be smaller.

8 Daffy Duck
I really love the figure and don’t like placing Daffy so low, but, I guess, the figure is a bit plain. There was probably little else they could do with it, to be fair.

7 Road Runner
Another figure that appears so low on the list and yet, actually, I love him. It’s perfect, and is only so low because the other figures are sublime.

6 Marvin The Martian
I remember the Marvin was so funny when I was a child. The minifigure is absolutely perfect!

5 Sylvester The Cat
What a brilliant figure! Lego have captured his likeness perfectly!

4 Bugs Bunny
I loved Bugs Bunny when I was little. The minifigure version is perfect in every way! Well done Lego!

3 Tazmanian Devil
Taz is a fantastic figure! The beautifully moulded head is incredible and the accessories are superb, including the spinner! Lego have done a superb job here.

2 Wile E. Cote
What a fabulous figure! Looking exactly like his cartoon likeness, poor Wile E. looks determined and bamboozled at the same time. Superb!

1 Speedy Gonzales
Speedy is superb! Whereas Tweety’s dimensions don’t seem right, Speedy’s feel perfect. The way the head is moulded is perfect, and his little tail is very cute. The cheese slopes designed like actual cheese are a sweet inside Lego joke. Absolutely perfect!

One of the best collections ever, I have placed the figures in a frame to be displayed alongside my other collections. The frame I bought can be found here.

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