Yellow Car Punch

Yellow Car Punch has become an obsession and I play it all the time!

Around eighteen months ago our children and their cousin started playing Yellow Car Punch in the car. I had never heard of this game before but it kept them busy on journeys, so why not. They weren’t actually hurting each other and they were mostly quiet – seems like a good idea. I assumed at first that they had made the game up!

It wasn’t long before I was involved in the game too. I then did some research and discovered this wasn’t just something they had made up. Yellow Car Punch, or The Yellow Car Game, is a well known pastime!

We play in two ways – both rules are really simple.

The first way is to be the first person to spot a yellow car. When you do, you shout, “Yellow Car Punch!” and lightly pat the other person. So far the children have obeyed the rules and haven’t hurt each other.

The second is to count as many yellow cars as possible. My record in one day is 21 – the best places to spot them being Llangollen, Rhyl and New Brighton.

I am now totally obsessed. I count yellow cars all the time. I know when I am going to spot them on my journey to work. I shout, “Yellow Car Punch!” whether there’s anyone else in the car or not. I once shouted it during a work-related call I was making in the car – embarrassing!

There is actually a website which explains the rules and describes the history of the game!

Do you play?

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