Why are Lego sets so expensive these days?

Is Lego becoming an elitist thing?

I absolutely adore Lego but have been really frustrated recently by the expensive sets that they have been releasing. All of their best sets recently have cost hundreds of pounds. Are they trying to price people out of the market? They care clearly trying to target adults, not children.

I am not saying that the sets aren’t worth it – far from it. They look worth every penny. But company seem to have changed tactics slightly, pricing sets at a value that is generally beyond families and aiming at the Lego collectors only.

Here are some examples of Lego sets released in the last couple of years:

Diagon Alley
As a Harry Potter fan, this set is a dream. But at £370 all I will ever do is dream of owning it. Look at that amazing design! Look at all of those minifigures! How is the average person ever going to afford that?

Grand Piano
How class does this look? As a pianist, I would love to have this on display in my house. But at £320, there’s no chance. That’s a deposit towards an actual piano.

Mos Eisley Cantina
This is a classic scene from one of the best childhood films ever. The appeal of the scene in Star Wars was the introduction to all of different characters. And this set recreates it brilliantly with 21 figures. The set costs £320 and so children are not going to be the ones purchasing it!

Hogwarts Castle
Another Wizarding World gem priced at £350! It looks incredible, but we could not afford this one either!

Jurassic Park: T-Rex Ramage
My son would love this for his bedroom. Wait, £220? Never going to happen.

I probably sound bitter because we can’t afford this. And I am! But I also think this is a deliberate strategy by Lego to target adults rather than children with sets that appeal so much to children!

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